"golden is absolutely incredible. i remember it being the first tw fanfic i ever read and now i read it again after months and omg i just wanted to let you know that it's beautiful :) x"

You’re too kind:) I’m thrilled that you enjoyed it! Thank you love xx

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"just wanted to say- I read Golden and it was amazing:')xo"

you’re a beauty :)

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"Will you ever finish pwl?<3"

ngl, i’d love to but i don’t really have the same passion for TW that i used to, plus I’m flat out with study so..xx

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"I'm in love with your fanfic!! it's amazing :) xx"

ooh which one? and thank you lovely!!xx

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"3 by Friday night?xo"

that had originally been the plan until my charger for my bb broke and i had all the parts typed up on that in a memo and I’m actually fuming cos now its like the world doesn’t want me to finish the fic ugh ugh ugh so one part for now:( 

I was thinking of doing a prologue for my new fan fic though if anyone wants it? xx

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"update soon plz bbe?xo"

'bbe' lol is this nathan sykes because if it is


i replaced your poster with one of aston merrygold 

ilu x


"You haven't updated in over two months.."

i guess i don’t have the same love for it that i did a few months ago but i’ve a lot of tom feels now so I’m gonna try finish off the next part


"i have spent all last night and some time this fternoon reading golden, and ive got to say the best fanfic i hve read:)"

are you serious

i love you


"Yo, I go to Greece tomorrow. Any chance I'll be able to read this fic before I go? ;) xxx"

GREECE WAH. I’m so jealous, not faaaair. Okay okay, just for you I’m gonna write some shit nooow. xxx